Lamude BJJ offers classes for both Gi and No-Gi throughout the week for adults. Our classes are aimed at all levels from beginner to advanced. We also regularly host beginners courses. Check our timetable for class times. Its recommended that students train both Gi and No-Gi



Training BJJ in the gi is a great way to get started. With the Gi you'll learn how to perform various submissions using your own and your opponents kimono against them to execute takedowns, sweeps,  passes and submissions. You'll learn the importance of acquiring and breaking grips with the Gi. Using the gi to slow a opponent down and keep them at bay. All Belt gradings are taken place in the Gi classes.


No-Gi or submission wrestling is very popular in famous grappling organisations like the ADCC, Naga and are the preferred training method amongst MMA athletes to keep their grappling sharp for competition. No-gi training consist of training in either shorts or spats along with a rash guard or t shirt. Without the thick cotton kimono there is a lot less friction and grips to slow the pace down like in Gi training and many of the Gi specific moves and positions are no longer useable requiring alternative approaches to get the job done. No-Gi training provides an alternative challenge to keep an opponent under control and securing tight submissions to finish the fight.


Our Saturday class gives our students the option to train in their preferred choice of class whether its gi or no gi. Techniques taught by the instructor will be relevant for use in both gi and no-gi. its recommended that both kits are brought to class or to wear a rash guard under your gi so that you can get the most out of the sparring at the end of the class.