Q) Which classes are suitable for beginners?
a) The fundamentals classes and BJJ all levels are best suited to beginners with no previous training. Also, every X months we run a beginner 4-week training course. 


Q)  Do I need a Gi to train?
a) No, any comfortable gym clothes are fine to start with. Later on, a Gi is essential to progress on with, as many of the techniques involve the use of the gi. 


Q) Where can I get a Gi? 

a) Lamude BJJ sells all valor Gi's and fight wear which can be purchased from the academy. 


Q) Do you have a Facebook page?

a) Yes, find us at LAMUDE BJJ FACEBOOK


Q) What are the benefits of BJJ?


BJJ has several benefits such as it improves self-defense, focus, and problem-solving, builds self-confidence, increases strength and mobility, can improve your cardio levels and is good for weight loss, enables you to compete, is ever-evolving and growing in popularity, it's very sociable and most importantly FUN!   


If you have any other questions, please contact us at LamudeBJJ@gmail.com