Head Instructor

Head Instructor

Luc is the founder of the company and is a full-time instructor who teaches BJJ classes at the Academy. With 17 years of experience training and competing, Luc was awarded the rank of the black belt on 4th November 2012 by Nicholas Brooks and Roger Gracie at the Mill Hill BJJ Club in London. He has competed in professional MMA with a record of 3-1-0 and also has taught seminars in Bremen Germany and Ireland.



  • English Open 2017, Light Heavyweight, Gold-Black Belt

  • English Open 2013, Middleweight, Bronze-Black Belt

  • Kent Open 2009, Middleweight, Gold-Brown Belt

  • Kent Open 2008, Middleweight, Gold-Brown Belt

  • British Open 2007, Middleweight, Bronze-Purple Belt

  • Amaury Bitteti Cup 2006, Middleweight, Silver-Purple Belt

  • London Open 2005, Absolute Weight, Bronze-Blue Belt

  • London Open 2005, Middleweight, Bronze-Blue Belt

  • Seni 2004, Middleweight, Bronze-Blue Belt



Chris is an instructor who teaches BJJ classes at the Academy. With 10 years of experience in training, Chris was awarded his black belt from Nick Brooks and Luc Lamude and is also a regular competitor on the British BJJ circuit. Chris has a great eye for details and is always working hard to develop his technique and to improve his knowledge. 



  • Dorset and Hants 2015, Middleweight, Gold-Brown Belt

  • Southend Open 2015, Middleweight, Gold-Brown Belt

  • Chelmsford Open 2015, Middleweight, Gold-Brown Belt

  • Kent Open 2016, Middleweight, Gold-Brown Belt

  • British Open 2016, Middleweight, Bronze-Brown Belt

  • English Open 2016, Middleweight, Gold-Brown Belt

  • British Open 2017, Middleweight, Silver-Black Belt

  • London Warriors Cup 2018, Middleweight, Bronze-Black Belt

  • English Open 2018, Middleweight, Silver-Black Belt


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